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Building Relationships

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Give Your Business the Kiss of Life

How to Network, Communicate and Build Relationships

Kate offers a clear, concise, systematic approach that leads to successful networking and building of relationships that are based on loyalty and reciprocity. Based on strong business principals, Kate’s teaching methods are completely individual. She uses the metaphor of Flirting to bring out the lessons.

The Speech
Suitable for conference or after dinner:
In this interactive session, Kate teaches how networking differs from sales or marketing. Delegates will improve their comuunication skills as they learn to read body language, how to compliment, how to listen, what to talk about, and even when to touch. Your business may never be the same!!!!

The Seminar
Kate has devised a unique 4 step strategy. She will teach delegates how to J-O-I-N with colleagues and customers.
Jis for Just Looking
O is for Oiling
I is for Investing
N is for Nurturing
Using several teaching methods – lecture, break outs, brainstorming, role play, written exercises – delegates will devise a strategy both individually and organizationally.

The Support
One to one coaching available via e-mail or telephone. Goal setting, creating a strategy...Return visits to follow-up on the results of the Seminar.

Clients include Progress Housing Group, Lloyds TSB, CS2 Lawyers, and Balfour Beatty.




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